Strategic Connections will design and install custom tailored business VoIP, Digital, and traditional phone systems to fit your specific needs. From day to day MAC work to design and installation, Wireless Access Point installation or Site Surveys; Strategic Connections can help.

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Conference Telephone Systems

Every business needs a telephone system. Despite the advances in internet technology such as WiFi and messaging systems, many businesses still rely on the use of telephones to conduct essential business. Avaya telephone systems offer you the ability to know that your business will have the best business phone system when you need it the most. We are an expert Avaya telephone system installation company, and our staff will be able to fix any problems you may have in your telephone installation.

Strategic Connections sells and services Avaya IP Office systems that can be premise based or cloud based, allowing you the flexibility of scaling or on-site hosting depending on the needs of your business. In addition, we are a fully authorized and trained dealer of Avaya telephone systems. Our technicians are fully trained by Avaya to install and service Avaya IP Office, and we install multiple different types of Avaya phone systems including Essential, Preferred, and Server Editions.
Avaya IP Office offers the following benefits and features:

  • Up to 2000 users at a single site with support up to 32 sites
  • Up to 512 SIP trunks
  • A fully hybrid system: analog, digital, and IP.
  • 256 conference bridge ports
  • Mobile Twinning: find-me-follow-me
  • Mobility features over WiFi with 3G and 4G carriers
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail to Email integration
  • IM presence
Avaya 9600 IP Telephone System

Own, Rent, or Lease an Avaya Telephone System

Cloud-based telephone systems have gained in popularity over the last few years. However, when businesses ask us whether they should use a cloud-based telephone system, we make sure that they have the budget for it. Cloud based systems can run around $45.00 per month PER PHONE, with a typical 3-year contract. A contract for just 10 phones would run over $16,000.00. You could own a New Avaya IP Office system for less. Therefore, we often recommend Avaya IP Office systems instead of cloud-based telephone systems.

Contact Us to Install an Avaya Phone System Provider

Strategic Connections has been installing Avaya telephone systems in since the birth of Avaya as a company, and we are proud to be considered one of the best Avaya dealers in the business. We provide rental or leasing on a monthly or yearly basis for any size system, 3-4 phones to unlimited. We also provide Avaya telephone system service and maintenance contracts that are tailored to customers’ needs. These contracts include support, diagnosis, repair, and replacement for your business phone system, and can be based on regular business hours or 24/7/365 support. If you would like an Avaya Business Phone system, look no further than Strategic Connections.  Contact us by completing our online below or calling us today at 800-255-5664!

Avaya 9600 IP Telephone System

The Best Poly Conference Room Telephones

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At Strategic Connections in we understand how important conference call telephones can be. In many cases, the wrong conference phone system can leave your business in a mess, as suggestions are misheard, meetings are chaotic, and poor-quality conference telephone systems ruin yet another meeting. In a world where conference calls with partners, vendors, remote workers and global teams are on the rise, crystal-clear conversations are a must for productive meetings. As such, Polycom conference phones are the industry standard and a fixture in meeting rooms worldwide because they:

  • Ensure everyone can be clearly heard, making meetings shorter and more productive
  • Enable seamless conversations
  • Deliver 360-degree microphone pickup and other group voice capabilities
  • Boost meeting productivity in an affordable and effective way
Polycom conference call systems

Polycom Phones for Conference Rooms

Polycom phones possess a multitude of qualities that make them the best phone for conference calls, including but not limited to:

  • Superb voice quality
  • Expansive microphone pickup
  • Advanced audio processing

In addition, Polycom phones have additional features that make conference calls seem as natural as being in the same room. Some of these include microphone extensions for large rooms and a design based around the necessity of having speakerphones as conference room telephones. These conference phone microphone extensions also have built-in mute buttons, so you don’t have to worry about any inability to have private conversations without the person on the other end of the line hearing you.

Polycom conference room phones started out as merely the best speakerphones in the market, but have seen expansion over the last years as more and more people have started to see their businesses expand beyond the ability of business travel to meet their needs. Conference calls have become the new normal, and having the best conference room telephone system has given Polycom a powerful position in the market. Strategic Connections supports both modern and legacy Polycom systems, enabling you to rest easy knowing that if you are under contract, you have the best conference room phone installation and maintenance company ready to assist you.

Contact Strategic Connections for your Polycom Conference Room Telephones

If you are looking for a conference room phone system that is not only the best system around, but can also be tailored for your unique business needs, look no further than Polycom teleconference systems. Between their crystal-clear voice quality, 360-degree microphone pickup, and ability to expand to cover large rooms, they are both the most flexible and best teleconference phone system. If you would like to speak to an expert about getting a Polycom conference phone system installed, contact Strategic Connections today by calling us at 800-255-5664 or filling out the form below.

Strategic Connections Designs and Installs Valcom, Bogen, and Other Paging Systems

Todays facility and campus environments often require the need to mass communicate to employees, guests, and the public. Strategic Connections can assist with any of your paging needs.

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Life Safety and Mass Notification Systems

Many businesses and institutions now have requirements and policies to employ mass notification systems as part of their Life Safety policy.  Strategic Connections has the multiple specialty disciplines to integrate all aspects of mass notification which involve paging, AV and digital display, security components requiring lockdown and CCTV coverage, and fire alarm integration required by the new Emergency Communication and Mass Notification code (formerly the national fire alarm code NFPA72).

Why Your Business Needs a Paging System

All businesses can certainly benefit from paging systems. However, businesses like retail businesses, medical facilities, educational facilities, or just a large office building would greatly benefit more than others from a paging system.

In these types of industries, getting someone’s attention as quickly as possible is crucial. In a medical facility, an attendee might quickly need to acquire assistance to aid a patient, while a retail employee might quickly need a manager to deal with a disgruntled customer. Ultimately, streamlined communication is a must to keep these industries running properly and smoothly. A proper paging system can eliminate communication issues and make all the difference.

Strategic Connections designs, maintains, troubleshoots, installs, and repairs paging systems. Whether your paging system is an independent system or uses phone system based integration, we can help. We also design and install paging systems that can be integrated with sound masking systems.

We work with:

  • 24 volt systems
  • 70 volt systems
  • IP based systems


Valcom intercom system


Whether you are in need of an intercom system to streamline communications within your business or a whole-house intercom system to make calling the family to dinner easier, our team at Strategic Connections is here to help. We can install any type of intercom system you need to fulfill your needs, as well as offer thorough support, maintenance, and troubleshoots.

Why Your Business Needs an Intercom System

Having an intercom system is especially ideal for larger businesses with several departments. However, both small and large businesses alike can derive many benefits from having an intercom system, such as the following: 

  • Increased security and safety measures
  • Streamlined communications
  • Boosted productivity
  • Increased accountability, depending on the model of the intercom system. Some intercom systems can include video surveillance

Strategic Connections can install all types of intercom systems to fit your needs.

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