During an emergency, such as a fire or accident, first responders rely on their two-way radios to communicate with people both inside and outside the building, whether it’s to share or gain necessary information. However, most buildings in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem have “dead spots” where radio frequencies can’t reach and radios don’t work. This lack of communication can make a dangerous situation worse. 

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We are dedicated to providing safety and security solutions to buildings across North Carolina, which is why Strategic Connections is proud to be a certified installer of the new Honeywell Bi-Directional Amplifier. Connecting directly into your fire alarm system, a bi-directional amplifier (BDA), is an essential way to not only keep your building safer, it also helps keep your building up to code. 

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A BDA is also called a “signal booster” as it improves the signal given off from public safety radio repeaters. The Honeywell BDA is a separate life/safety system that also connects directly into your fire alarm system using a monitor module, supporting all public safety frequency bands. This amplifies any transmissions coming from inside the building from a two-way radio to the safety radio repeater while improving frequencies coming into the building. 

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BDA System installation

Ensuring strong radio signal throughout your building provides improved communication, which leads to a better outcome of the emergency. However, 98 percent of first responders report they have experienced dead spots in buildings where they are unable to reach anyone on their team, while nearly one-third of those surveyed report experiencing communication failure in the past six months.

While nearly all commercial buildings are within reach of the public safety radio signal, there are factors that can prevent a good signal from reaching 100% of the area. For example, the side of the building facing the antenna may get a clear signal, but the far side, or lowest floors may be weak. Also, building materials like concrete and low-E windows reduce the ability to get a signal. 

A BDA boosts the signal given off by the public safety radio antenna so even basement floors and far sides of the building offer clear, reliable radio connectivity. 

The International Fire Code requires 99 percent communication capability in critical areas in buildings, such as common spaces. The National Fire Protection Association requires all new buildings constructed in Charlotte, Raleigh, or Winston-Salem to offer 95 percent responder radio coverage throughout the building. Having a Honeywell BDA offers the strong signal needed for coverage. 

Bi-Directional Amplifier System (BDA)

Honeywell has a reputation for designing and manufacturing quality products across a variety of industries.  Their two-way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) continues in their tradition of excellence by offering the latest technology and quality materials in their Gamewell/FCI, Notifier, and Farynheit product lines.

Features include: 

  • All public safety frequency bands supported.
  • NFPA, IFC compliant with a fully integrated signal booster, 24-hour battery backup, and no external DC power supplies or chargers needed
  • Two highly efficieny power supplies are included
  • Internal microcontroller to monitor operation, voltage, and other parameters
  • Strong RF performance with band/channel-selective modulesBi-Directional-Amplifier-to-improve-communication, BDA, Fire allow rejection of unwanted signals, high power, and resilient to strong RF inputs
  • Adjustable maximum power level
  • Modular design makes it easy to swap out modules and update over time.

If you want a safe, reliable BDA to guarantee strong communication in the event there is an emergency in your building, we’re here to help. We specialize in connecting fire and security systems for buildings of all types, including large, multi-building campuses, historic buildings, and new construction. With intensive and comprehensive manufacturer training, our team is certified to install and service your Honeywell BDA. 

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