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Strategic Connections is equipped to meet all of your fireproofing needs. Our highly skilled crew members have been trained in the fine art of protecting your building’s structure all while maintaining a professional and safe environment.

Through documented rigorous testing, we can ensure that the fireproofing we install will meet the requirements of your building specification. Regardless of whether you need exterior rated fireproofing at your emergency power generator plant or a fine architectural finish intumescent coating, our diligence and expertise will see to it that you are completely satisfied.

Our field technicians, project managers, and project engineers are trained and certified in the leading industry product options, allowing you the customer along with your design professionals to select the appropriate product solution and know that SCI will be able to provide a final product that meets and exceeds the manufacturers standards and tests.

At Strategic Connections Inc our team of estimators and technical support staff will work with your design team to answer any questions and assist in making sure the fire tests and product specifications selected will provide the intended protection at the best possible price point.

Strategic Connections Inc is committed to excellence in all aspects of Life Safety and has devoted the necessary resources to guarantee your building is able to perform as designed and intended in the event of a fire.

With the capability to pump cementitious fireproofing materials up to 900’ vertically, our equipment can handle the rigors of the tallest high rises in the state.

Need to maximize build schedule on a steel and wood framed project? Let SCI pre-apply intumescent coatings to your steel components prior to construction.

Was your structural steel delivered to site already primed? Let SCI test the primer before you order it to be sandblasted clean. Often we can reprime over an existing primer to increase adhesion and prevent additional delays and unnecessary job costs.

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