While you may consider your phones and computers the most essential parts of your communication network, the cables that connect it all together are just as crucial (yes, even to your wireless devices). Strategic Connections is the leading provider of structured cabling installation in Winston-Salem, designing and implementing infrastructure that accommodates your needs and adheres to industry best practices.

Understanding Structured Cabling

Structured cabling refers to the system of cables, components, and hardware that link telecommunications in large buildings, such as schools, apartments, and offices. While simple cable setups are used in homes and small businesses, structured cabling is regulated by a set of guidelines listed by the Telecommunications Industry of America and American National Standards Institute. These ensure consistency and standardization to make design, installation, and maintenance easier to implement and train.

Six Subsystems of Structured Cabling

  • Entrance facility where telecommunications wires enter the building and become the responsibility of the building owner;
  • Equipment room where servers, routers, and large telecommunications are kept;
  • Backbone cabling connects the telecommunications to the equipment room and connects specific buildings to the network in campuses;
  • Telecommunication centers are small hubs that take backbone cabling and distribute it to horizontal cabling;
  • Horizontal cabling is the wiring that goes from telecommunication hubs to single work stations;
  • Work area components connect phones and computers to the horizontal cabling

Structured Cabling Services

We provide comprehensive structured cabling services to our clients in and around Winston-Salem.

Cabling Systems

We design, install, and maintain cabling in all types of settings, including clean rooms, campuses, and exterior settings.

Data Centers

We design and install intricate, yet efficient data centers with customized, well-organized layouts. In our design, we factor in security, temperatures within the building, the building layout, and the need of your occupants to ensure speed and functionality needs are met.

Campus Cabling

Campuses, including multi-building schools, universities, and healthcare facilities, offer a unique challenge. We can implement both underground and aerial cabling to meet the needs of your organization, leveraging backbone cabling to create efficient setups that deliver high speeds and consistent use.

Distributed Antenna System

Avoid dead zones in your building with our distributed antenna systems that ensure you can get cell and wifi service throughout your entire building. We can carefully create a separate cabling system that runs alongside your current network to provide coverage without disturbing an existing setup.

Sound Masking

Open office plans and cubicles are filled with ambient conversation noise, causing distraction and a decrease in privacy. Sound masking can cover human conversation using continuous white noise without adding excessive decibels and drowning out distraction.

Cabling Design

We have RCDD engineers on staff to ensure your cabling design meets your needs and aligns with industry standards.

Your Local Leader in Structured Cabling

Strategic Connections has a team of experienced professionals who have the skill and certification to design and implement the cabling you need. We have Registered Communications Distributions Designers (RCDD) on our team in roles including network architects and electrical engineers. In addition to professional design, our installation team is fully trained and certified by the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) and receives continual training to keep up with rapidly advancing technology.

We work with all types of organizations and businesses, and design and install structured cabling systems in all types of buildings, including campus environments, historical buildings, and multi-level structures.

  • Hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Schools and universities
  • Manufacturing centers
  • College dorms and apartments
  • Military buildings

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