Shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and apartment buildings all have one thing in common: the need for proper fire protection systems. While an alarm system can alert people to danger and ensure evacuation is in process, a suppression system can minimize damage and reduce the risk of injury. At Strategic Systems, we provide comprehensive fire protection system services in Winston-Salem to ensure your building is code-compliant and its occupants are safe.

What Is a Fire Protection System?

While a fire alarm is necessary to let people in a building know that smoke or fire is present and they need to leave, fire protection systems control or extinguish fires. They provide extra time to evacuate the building, minimize injury, especially near where the fire breaks out and reduces damage.

Fire protection systems include:

  • Fire extinguishers are the most basic type.
  • Sprinkler systems are required in larger or higher-occupancy buildings
  • Fire suppression systems release a powdered chemical to smother cooking fires in commercial kitchens.

Fire Protection Services

Strategic Connections provides comprehensive fire protection services in Winston Salem.


With a team of NICET-certified design technicians and leading design software, we can design efficient, code-compliant fire protection systems that will cover your entire building. Using AutoSprink 3D software, we are able to automate pressure and price calculations and get precise design measurements before we begin installation to reduce costs and ensure precision.


After designing your fire protection system, we move on to the installation. While installing these systems is complicated, requiring experience in pipe installation, cabling, and wiring, we are experts in these fields and ensure coverage throughout your building without interrupting other functions, including electrical and cabling systems. Pipes are properly pressurized and your sprinklers will be ready to respond in the event a fire breaks out.


Whether you have fire extinguishers, sprinklers, or a suppression system, it needs to be maintained and tested routinely to ensure it’s ready in an emergency. We offer 24/7 fire protection maintenance so that in the event a pipe breaks or the sprinklers malfunction, we respond quickly to minimize any danger or damage.


In order to ensure compliance with fire codes and make sure it’s in proper working order if a fire breaks out, we provide fire protection inspections to judge whether the system is meeting the minimum safety guidelines. We use the full NFPA-25 Fire Protection Inspection checklist, carefully looking at pipes, gauges, water tanks, and more to make sure the entire system is safe and in proper working order.

Why Choose Strategic Solutions

Fires in commercial buildings are responsible for deaths, injuries, and millions of dollars in damage each year. Making sure your system is up to code, providing maximum coverage, and is functioning properly can save lives and can’t be left to chance. When you need a fire protection system in Winston Salem, or you need maintenance, repairs, or inspections on an existing system, Strategic Systems can help. We have a full team of experienced, knowledgeable NICET-certified professionals who will make sure your building is prepared against the risk of fire.

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