Fire Protection System Services in Charlotte

From design to maintenance and repairs, we provide comprehensive fire protection system services in Charlotte to keep your property safe. 

When a fire occurs in your building, it can be absolutely devastating, not only due to property damage, but especially if an occupant is injured in the blaze. At Strategic Connections, we are dedicated to helping you do everything you can to prevent fires and also minimize damage and reduce the risk of injury if a fire does occur through our fire protection system services in Charlotte. 

Understanding Fire Protection Systems

While fire alarm systems are installed to alert occupants of smoke or fire, fire protection systems are designed to control or put out fires in buildings to minimize the risk of injury and severe damage. At a basic level, this includes fire extinguishers, but generally refers to sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems used in commercial kitchens. Alarm systems let occupants know when it’s time to exit the building, fire protection systems suppress and control the fire in a way to give people more time to evacuate safely. 

Fire Protection System Services

We offer comprehensive fire protection system services in Charlotte to ensure your system is safe, effective, and compliant with all applicable building codes. 


Designing sprinkler and suppression systems are incredibly complex, even in small buildings. Our design technicians are NICET-certified and supervised by an NICET IV manager while our innovative design software allows us the opportunity to design the system virtually to ensure its optimized to your layout. The result is an efficient, effective system that complies with regulations and meets the precise needs of your building without interfering or compromising other systems, including electrical wiring. 


We will install your sprinkler or fire protection system in a way that provides comprehensive coverage through your building without interfering with cabling, ventilation, or electrical systems. Just as important, we will make sure it’s properly pressurized to prevent leaks while having the pressure necessary to be ready for action in the event of a fire.   


Did you know your fire protection system must be routinely tested and maintained? When you need preventative maintenance to make sure your system is ready in the event of an emergency, or you have a broken pipe and need emergency service, we’re there when you need us. 


Strategic Connections’ NICET-Certified inspectors provide a thorough inspection of your system using the NFPA-25 Fire Protection Inspection checklist. This includes checking pipes, gauges, sprinklers, tanks, and more to ensure that individual aspects are in proper working order so they fit together in a proper system. We will also inspect backflow preventers and fire extinguishers to make sure your entire building is safe and prepared in the event of a fire. 


If your fire prevention system goes off or is malfunctioning and there is not a fire, we provide a quick response to support requests and are there when you need us 24-7. 

Why Choose Strategic Connections 

Since 1998, Strategic Connections has worked with businesses and property owners to provide high-quality sprinkler and fire suppression systems to our clients that don’t just meet building codes, they save lives. We have a highly experienced, knowledgeable team in place who are familiar with state fire codes as well as the intricate nature of cabling and electrical work so you can feel confident we’ll do the job right, no matter the task. 

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