Commercial Paging Systems in Raleigh

Strategic Connections Designs and Installs Valcom, Bogen, and Other Paging Systems

Todays facility and campus environments often require the need to mass communicate to employees, guests, and the public. Strategic Connections can assist with any of your paging needs.


Life Safety and Mass Notification Systems

Many businesses and institutions now have requirements and policies to employ mass notification systems as part of their Life Safety policy.  Strategic Connections has the multiple specialty disciplines to integrate all aspects of mass notification which involve paging, AV and digital display, security components requiring lockdown and CCTV coverage, and fire alarm integration required by the new Emergency Communication and Mass Notification code (formerly the national fire alarm code NFPA72).

Paging Systems

Why Your Business Needs a Paging System

All businesses can certainly benefit from paging systems. However, businesses like retail businesses, medical facilities, educational facilities, or just a large office building would greatly benefit more than others from a paging system. 

In these types of industries, getting someone’s attention as quickly as possible is crucial. In a medical facility, an attendee might quickly need to acquire assistance to aid a patient, while a retail employee might quickly need a manager to deal with a disgruntled customer. Ultimately, streamlined communication is a must to keep these industries running properly and smoothly. A proper paging system can eliminate communication issues and make all the difference.

Strategic Connections designs, maintains, troubleshoots, installs, and repairs paging systems.  Whether your paging system is an independent system or uses phone system based integration, we can help.  We also design and install paging systems that can be integrated with sound masking systems.

We work with:

  • 24 volt systems
  • 70 volt systems
  • IP based systems


Whether you are in need of an intercom system to streamline communications within your business or a whole-house intercom system to make calling the family to dinner easier, our team at Strategic Connections is here to help. We can install any type of intercom system you need to fulfill your needs, as well as offer thorough support, maintenance, and troubleshoots. 

Why Your Business Needs an Intercom System

Having an intercom system is especially ideal for larger businesses with several departments. However, both small and large businesses alike can derive many benefits from having an intercom system, such as the following: 

  • Increased security and safety measures
  • Streamlined communications
  • Boosted productivity
  • Increased accountability, depending on the model of the intercom system. Some intercom systems can include video surveillance

Strategic Connections can install all types of intercom systems to fit your needs.

valcom intercom

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