Nortel Conference Room Telephone Systems in Raleigh & Nearby

Thousands of legacy Nortel systems are still in use.

Strategic Connections services and sells refurbished Nortel phones and systems. All Nortel BCM systems are hybrid systems that run digital/analog/IP over Category-5e cable.  Digital or analog can even run on Category-3 UTP cable.

Systems include:

  • 8×24
  • Compact ICS
  • Modular ICS
  • BCM-50
  • BCM-200
  • BCM-400
  • BCM-450


Rent or Lease a Nortel Conference Telephone System

We provide rental or leasing on a monthly or yearly basis for any size system, 3-4 phones to unlimited.

We also provide service and maintenance contracts that are tailored to customers needs. These provide support, diagnosis, repair, or replacement. They can be based on a regular business hours contract or a 24x7x365 contract.

Contact Us for a Nortel Conference Telephone System

Call us at 800-255-5664 or fill out the form below to learn more about Nortel conference room telephone systems or to schedule a consultation.