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Open offices are ideal environments for collaboration, but they sure do get loud. The extra noise generated by these open spaces translates to less privacy and more distractions for the employees. What if there was a way to keep your employees as distraction free and productive as possible?

Sound masking uses white noise to mask the sound of people talking. It’s far less expensive than creating separate office spaces, and your more productive employees will be grateful for the peace and quiet it provides.

Sound masking also has the benefit of making it harder for other employees to hear and understand what their co-workers are saying. If there is sensitive information being said aloud in an open office, this is a big security concern solved by sound masking.


Sound Masking Systems for your Raleigh Business

Strategic Connections will set up speakers in your office that are located in your drop ceiling or in other unobtrusive spots. The white noise itself is not distracting to your employees either as it blends into the background noise. Our advanced sound masking systems even adjust themselves based on the volume in the office at any given moment. If the office discussions get loud around 2pm after everyone is caffeinated, the dynamic sound masking system will adjust to match.


Strategic Connections Custom Sound Masking

On average every day of work employees lose 60 minutes of time to distractions. In addition to the negative productivity impact, it can cause employee dissatisfaction that can fester and build. Distracted employees can start resenting their fellow coworkers and wish they worked somewhere else in a private office. And that’s never good for business.

Sound masking can solve all these problems. If your Raleigh based company needs sound masking for security or productivity reasons, contact Strategic Connections today!


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