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In the last 20 years, the open office plan has overtaken the closed office option as the leading office design in the United States. As such, the amount of ambient noise that manages to transmit from worker to worker has drastically increased, causing an uncomfortable decrease in privacy and a simultaneous increase in distracting noises for employees.

Sound Masking, or the playing of white noise to mask the common pitches of human conversation, has become a common solution to these problems, as it allows you to effectively mask the ambient conversational noise of an office with white noise created by speakers put above the ceiling. Not only is Sound Masking a cheaper and more efficient noise masking solution than going back to walled-off offices, but it is also a way to maintain employee satisfaction and prevent office distractions.

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Sound Masking for your Business

At Strategic Connections, our Sound Masking capabilities are fix you need for your noisy open office arrangement. If you feel like you’re walking into a madhouse whenever you walk into your call center or open-plan office, Strategic Connections Sound Masking can solve your problems and the problems of your employees as well. The speakers are non-obtrusive and can even be put above a hanging ceiling, meaning that they’re virtually invisible. In addition, the noise is calibrated so that it is nigh-unintelligible to your employees, meaning that your employees get the sound privacy they desire and the lack of distractions they want.

We also offer Sound Masking systems that dynamically adjust themselves to the differing sound levels of your office throughout the day, from the early-morning quiet to the rush of noise immediately before lunch, and even the noise from your weekly 3PM Thursday meeting. Your Sound Masking system can learn the patterns of noise in your office and adjust its own level to give you the maximum masking level that is simultaneously not obnoxious to your employees.

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Everyone wants some peace and quiet when they work, and it has been proven that employees often lose more than an hour of work a day due to distractions. It is also true that oftentimes employees think back on the privacy of their offices with a fondness, as they are now victim to constant interruptions from noise in an open-plan office. Sound masking can alleviate all of these troubles. It can also create secure, sound-dead zones and is an integral part of any SCIF solution. IF your company needs Sound Masking for security or productivity reasons, contact Strategic Connections today!

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