Strategic Connections’ Raleigh Data Centers

Strategic Connections was founded as a structured cabling company. Drawing on 20 years of experience, our company knows the complexity of planning to wire thousands of connections in a data center. Strategic Connections has laid miles of Category-5e, Category 6 UTP, and fiber optic cable in our past projects, so you can trust us to do this complex job right the first time.

Data center structured cabling

Expert Data Center Structured Cabling

Strategic Connections realizes how detail oriented we have to be to complete your Raleigh Data Center Structured cabling project. No two data centers are exactly the same. In addition to the design of the cabling, each data center needs to be secure and kept cool with an HVAC.

Strategic Connections’ crews are extremely organized and care about the success of your data center. Our crews make sure the tens of thousands of wires are clearly labeled and tested, so your data center is set up for years of success.

example of data center structured cabling

Your Raleigh Data Center Project

Strategic Connections knows what it takes to create a quality data center. Before we design and share the plan, we make sure to do a thorough inspection. We’re prepared to handle raised floor or overhead design systems, and the modifications to the design of the wiring this may cause.


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If you’re data center needs an upgrade, or you’re looking to build a data center, let us know. Don’t just trust anyone. Our staff is licensed and experienced in this highly specialized area. If you want the job done right, contact us today by phone at 800-255-5664 or by submitting the form below.