Raleigh Distributed Antenna Systems at Strategic Connections

Reliable cell phone reception at your business is crucial if you don’t want to miss out on potentially amazing sales opportunities. The last thing you want is missing out on a call, or having a phone call get broken up or drop because of bad cell phone service. Sometimes the building itself can be what is preventing quality cell phone service. This is precisely the problem Distributed Antenna Systems are trying to solve.

Distributed Antenna Systems for your property

DAS often is another set of cables running along your existing cabling system. At Strategic Connections our experienced technicians take great care not to alter the integrity of your current system as many novices would fail to do.


Best Raleigh Distributed Antenna System for your Project

Many of our potential customers don’t know their Distributed Antenna System (DAS) options. The three options are: active, passive, and hybrid. Passive systems send the R/F signal throughout the building. Simple and cheap, these systems suffer from a signal that gets weaker the greater the distance. An Active system uses fiber-optic cables to send the R/F signal from the base unit to the remote unit(s). Active systems ensure that the signal strength is high no matter how far from away the base unit you are. It’s also highly scalable and easy to monitor. The only real disadvantage is that the entrance cost is higher than the Passive system, and repairs can be tough due to using multiple technologies. A Hybrid system attempts to take the best of the active and passive systems.


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