Distributed Antenna Systems at Strategic Connections

At Strategic Connections, we understand how vital phone service is to your business. We know that you have to be able to receive phone calls in order to continue growing your business, and often times the very size of your own buildings makes getting cell phone service a near impossibility. It is times like these where a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) can be the difference between getting that huge phone call and missing out on a golden sales opportunity.

Distributed Antenna Systems for Your Business

If you’ve had enough of terrible cell phone service while inside your building, we at Strategic Connections might just be the resource you’re looking for. Since DAS is basically a separate cabling system laid alongside your current cabling system, it can be extremely tricky for novice companies and technicians to correctly install a Distributed Antenna System without messing up your previously existing wiring. Strategic Connections, however, we got our start doing structured cabling, so we understand just how necessary careful organization of cables can be to a project. Due to this experience, we are uniquely qualified to take on your project.

DAS Installation

The Best Distributed Antenna System for your Project

When we talk about Distributed Antenna Systems with our clients, we find that many of them are often unaware of the differences between their different options. To put it simply, these systems come in three varieties: passive, active, and hybrid. A Passive DAS uses coaxial cable to distribute the R/F signal throughout the building. This has the advantage of being a simpler and cheaper installation but has the two disadvantages of a weakening signal over distance and no end-to-end monitoring. An Active DAS utilizes fiber-optic cables to transmit the R/F signal as an optical signal from the base unit to the remote unit. The remote unit transforms the signal back to R/F and transmits it to the end user. This system has many advantages, including the same signal strength over the whole system, the ability for monitoring, and a very high scalability. The major downside of an active system is that it has a high entrance cost due to the multiple technologies involved, and repair can also be a more involved process. The final DAS type is the hybrid. A hybrid system is, as the name suggests, a hybrid between a passive and active system, and each of its parts will have the same weaknesses as its namesake.

Distributed Antenna Systems

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If you believe that a Distributed Antenna System would be the key difference in the success of your company, or even if you believe it is best to remain ahead of the curve on your building’s wiring, Strategic Connections is your one-stop source in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina.

Not only do we have the wiring experience to install a DAS alongside any other previously-existing systems you might have, but we are also capable of doing other installations such as Data Center wiring, Sound Masking, and Campus Cabling. If you need a DAS in order to get the most out of your space in RaleighWinston-SalemCharlotte, or Myrtle Beach, make sure to call us today at 800-255-5664 or fill out the form below for a free estimate!