Campus Cabling Solutions

At Strategic Connections, we understand how much of a hassle running cabling for your entire campus can be. If you have multiple buildings, each with their own arrangements and necessities, finding a company that can lay out and install all of the necessary cabling arrangements can be a nightmare. Fortunately, Strategic Connections has the experience in cabling to make sure that your entire campus has the best wiring possible. We understand the necessity of backbone cabling, we have the ability to do both underground and aerial cabling, and since we got our start doing structured cabling, we are experts in the field of cabling organization.

Every large cabling project has its own unique set of challenges, from deciding whether to do above-ground or underground cabling or deciding whether it is worth it to do a wireless bridge between two buildings. We also have the length and breadth of expertise and resources to understand what the best plan is, regardless if you have railroad tracks, a river, an interstate, or other complicated obstruction preventing a simpler cabling plan for your campus.

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Strategic Connections’ Campus Cabling Expertise

Campus cabling projects are often some of the most complicated structured cabling projects. Between the necessity for between-building wiring, redundancy in case of failure, different wires, different terrains, and the complexities of combining the answers for all these different circumstances, Campus cabling projects can be significant organizational hazards if you go with a sub-par cabling company. Fortunately, Strategic Connections has been in the Structured Cabling business since 1998 and has all the expertise necessary to address all of the many challenges that you might see in a large cabling project.

In a project with the potential for so many points of failure, hiring Strategic Connections for your campus cabling is a guarantee that you won’t have any avoidable problems further down the line. Perhaps you hire a company that isn’t good at laying underground cable pathways, and then one of your buildings loses access when someone accidentally digs through a mislabeled pathway. In addition, we understand the different solutions available for your cabling challenges, and our experience allows us to recommend and install the best possible option, be it underground, in the air, or wireless.

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Conquer your Campus Cabling with Strategic Connections

We understand how difficult it can be choosing the right company for your campus’s cabling project. Make Strategic Connections your first choice for cabling projects! Our decades of cabling experience and a multi-faceted understanding of the complexities of campus cabling make us experts in the field. If you have a campus cabling project in RaleighWinston-SalemCharlotte, or Myrtle Beach that needs an in-depth and expert solution, contact Strategic Connections today by using the form below or calling us at 800-255-5664!