Strategic Connections wins Structured Cabling Certificate of Merit

Strategic Connections Wins Certificate of Merit from NC State Building Commission

On March 2, 2017, Strategic Connections received an award from the North Carolina State Building Commission for their outstanding work on the Department of Public Instruction’s Data Recabling project. This project was a multi-month project involving multiple government agencies occupying the same building, and the award was “In recognition of Superior Professional Services on the following Capital Improvement Project: “The Department of Public Instruction Data Recabling Project”.

The project included remodeling 16 separate telecommunications rooms from looking like this:
Before Raleigh Structured Cabling
To looking like this:
Strategic Connections' Raleigh Structured Cabling After
These projects involved reorganizing hundreds of miles of structured cabling to match modern organizational and safety standards. The inclusion of server racks and an organized structured cabling scheme noticeably improved the amount of space available in the telecommunications rooms, as well as enabling rapid and well-organized access to the necessary cabling systems. In addition, reorganizing and recabling these rooms allowed Strategic Connections the ability to address numerous fire hazards, including dangling power strips.

Strategic Connections was also able to provide updates to room functionality, especially the wooden boxes which the State Education Board used as connection hubs. These boxes were difficult to work with and surrounded by dozens of wires, causing health hazards. Strategic Connections also removed five unnecessary satellite dishes from the roof of the building, allowing for an unobstructed view and fewer superfluous maintenance requests.

Tom Rause on the DPI Raleigh Structured Cabling Project

“Strategic Connections is proud to be receiving this award, we believe our structured cabling work for the DPI building was well-organized and is yet another example of the type of high quality of installation we normally provide, producing the results that the Department of Public Instruction was looking for” said Tom Rause, RCDD, Vice President of Strategic Connections. “This was a major task as the DPI building was badly in need of new cabling. I was involved with the original cabling installation for this building when it was was constructed over 25 years ago.  The Telecom Rooms were poorly organized and were both a tripping and fire hazard to the staff, due to years and years of patching, moving, adding, and re-patching. It is gratifying to be involved again and restoring the building structured cabling back to brand new condition. Our team leaders Carey Carsone and Vera Rangel have done an outstanding job as usual, and deserve all the credit.”

Structured Cabling and Re-Cabling Projects from Strategic Connections

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