Strategic Connections Now Offers AV as a Service (AVaaS)

audio visual as a service Raleigh NC

Strategic Connections is proud to announce that we now offer AV as a Service (AVaaS) with TAMCO Shield! This service is designed to save you money while ensuring you always have the audio visual equipment you need.

What is AVaaS?

AVaaS is an agreement that allows you to pay one monthly fee for your AV equipment. Unlike purchasing equipment, you’re free to scale and upgrade (or downgrade) whenever your equipment no longer meets your needs.

TAMCO Shield and Strategic Connections offer unique and unmatched AVaaS. Our Solution Replacement Guarantee, natural disaster coverage, bundled support & maintenance, flexible end of term options, and preferred subscription payment model set us apart and give you the most value for your money.

Why Choose AVaaS with Strategic Connections and TAMCO Shield

You have options when it comes to to AVaaS. Here are a few things that set Strategic Connections and TAMCO Shield apart:

Solution Replacement Guarantee

The Solution Replacement Guarantee means that you can upgrade your equipment at any point during your term without any extra fees. When you upgrade, your existing contract is forgiven and a new contract is started. This allows you to stay at the forefront of technology without breaking the bank.

Natural Disaster Coverage

Our AVaaS customers are protected in the event of a natural disaster with Shield. If your equipment is damaged in any natural disaster, Shield will pay your insurance deductible up to $5,000. That’s complete peace of mind.

Bundled Support & Maintenance

Support and maintenance are always included in your monthly fee. You’re protected whether it’s a quick fix or an expensive repair. In addition, you’ll lock in today’s labor rates for work. If the cost of labor goes up, your monthly fee won’t.

Flexible End of Term Options

As a Shield customer, you have the option to choose the end of term option that is right for you. What sets us apart is the fact that you don’t choose this up front, you decide when it ends when you’re ready for it to end. A lot can change in just a few years, so we let you decide what’s best for your company. You can renew with the solution replacement guarantee, renew without it, return the equipment, upgrade to a new system, and more.

Learn More About How AVaaS Can Improve Your Operations

We’re proud to partner with TAMCO Shield to offer our customers AVaaS. To learn more about how it can benefit you, give us a call at (800) 255-5664 or fill out our contact form to learn more!

Strategic Connections proudly serves clients in Raleigh, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, and Winston-Salem.

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