Strategic Connections Now Installing View Dynamic Glass

Strategic Connections is now installing the components and cabling for electrochromic “smart glass” called View Dynamic Glass.

In short, electrochromic glass can automatically tint itself based on the amount of light coming through the window.


Energy Use

Large windows allow light to pour in and heat up the inside. By partially blocking the sun with dynamically tinted glass you dramatically cut down on the electric bill. Annual energy consumption can be reduced up to 18% according to studies. In fact, the peak cooling load reduction can be reduced up to 23% by blocking 90% of the solar radiation during the sunniest times of day.

Glare Reduction

In full sun a screen becomes difficult to view and damaging to the eyes. Dynamic glass solves this issue by partially blocking the sun enough that screens are seen easily.

Connection to the Outdoors

Instead of using blinds to block the sun and ruin the view, with dynamic glass you’re able to keep the windows wide open. This keeps indoor spaces open, bright (not not too bright!), and inviting. Working by the windows during the summer is now no longer an issue.

Healthier, Happier Employees

Due to the increase in natural light, a dynamic glass system from View can result in a 51% reduction in eyestrain, 63% fewer headaches, and 56% less drowsiness.

More Productive Employees

Windows, or the lack thereof, largely determine a person’s level of satisfaction with a building. Not only would anyone want to work in a building with a view versus in a basement with no windows, the natural light has health benefits which can boost mood and energy level.

All of these benefits combine for a 2% increase in productivity of your employees, which can more than pay for the cost of the cost of dynamic glass.

View Dynamic Glass installation


Automatic versus Manual

The dynamic glass from View can be controlled manually through a smartphone application. But the “smart” in “smart glass” is because the glass is programmable and responsive to the conditions that day.


Not only does the glass react to the program and conditions, but it can also be divided into zones as well. Each panel of glass is connected to a centralized controller.


While the benefits detailed in this article focus on a corporate office environment, there are other applications that View Dynamic Glass would be beneficial.


The reduction in heat can dramatically reduce heating costs at airports that are typically filled with windows. The overall satisfaction with an airport is bound to go up.


Students experience the benefits of increased productivity just like office workers.


Patients benefit from natural light as well. The vitamin D from sunlight can improve their mood coupled with the blind-free view.

Apartment Buildings

High-end apartment buildings can reduce their energy use and increase their resident satisfaction by installing a View Dynamic Glass system. It’s a great differentiator from the other apartment buildings out there as prospective residents are always looking for more natural light.

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