We want to provide high-quality safety training to those in the construction field, which is why we offer OSHA Construction Training in Raleigh. To ensure our attendees get the best experience, our OSHA 10-Hour Construction and OSHA 30-Hour Construction classes are taught by our Corporate Safety Manager, Guy Raymond.

Extensive Knowledge in Job Site Safety

Guy brings extensive knowledge and training to workplace safety from both his military background and civilian career path. With over seven years of experience as a HAZMAT Technician, he was sent to New York on September 13, 2001 to help respond to the terror attacks at the World Trade Center and the subsequent anthrax attacks in the following weeks. Following his experience in New York, Guy was dispatched to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina to help with the devastation and keep those in the city safe. 

After these experiences, Guy enlisted in the U.S. Army. As part of the 82nd Airborne, he was deployed to Afghanistan, focusing on tactical operations. His experiences led to his recruitment to design, build, and operate the remote Tactical Operation Center.

Upon leaving the Army, Guy joined the Strategic Connections team, and his expertise allowed him to move into the Corporate Safety Manager position. In this role, he:

  • Redesigned and updated all safety policies and procedures
  • Conducts daily job-site safety assessments
  • Conducts monthly team safety meetings
  • Provides specific training to employees based on customer and project specifications

Guy also works closely with OSHA, partnering with them through voluntary job site evaluations, worker’s compensation claims (both on the employee and insurance side), and also works with insurance companies to protect our company and our team. 

OSHA Certified and Experienced in Safety Training

In addition to his commitment to safety at Strategic Connections, he is dedicated to helping others stay safe on the job. As a certified OSHA instructor, Guy is uniquely capable of blending “book knowledge” with hands-on experience to teach class attendees how to apply the OSHA construction training to real world situations. Students who graduate our  OSHA 10-Hour Construction or OSHA 30-Hour Construction in Raleigh feel confident in their ability to create a safer workplace and avoid accidents. 

In addition to OSHA certification, Guy is a certified CPR and First Aid instructor. Because while preventing accidents is the number one priority, in the event one does happen, he knows the CPR and first aid are essential life-saving practices.

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Whether your job requires you to have OSHA Construction Training or you want to feel safer on the job, Guy can provide you with the skills to make it happen. To schedule your OSHA training, call us at (919) 878-0550 or fill out the online contact form below!