How to Select an Audio Visual Company

With so many Audio Visual companies to choose from, how do you choose the right one?

1) Knowledge and Experience

It’s not just about how many years a company has been in business — there are plenty of companies that have been around a while. What you should look for is knowledge and experience successfully doing the types of projects that you intend to do. Some companies can knock out a custom home theater installation but would fall flat trying to install a speaker system in a stadium.

2) Project Planning

The best Audio Visual companies have a designer who is going to take the time to understand the goal(s) of the project and recommend the correct solution that keeps the project within budget. Often Audio Visual companies will recommend their “ideal if money was no object” solution. There isn’t anything wrong with that as long as they provide a solution that meets the budget as well.

3) Support & Service

The best Audio Visual companies stand behind their project. If something goes wrong three months or three years after the install, they can and will fix it because they will still be in business and be committed to correcting the problem to maintain their reputation.

4) Trust

Trust is earned, but it takes a lot of factors (like those mentioned in this article) to come together before you are willing to trust an Audio Visual company with your project. Another factor is the reviews of the company you can find online, case studies, and any references you talk to.

5) Value

It’s easy to recommend a solution well above the budget, but it takes more effort to recommend multiple solutions both within and slightly above the budget. It’s OK to receive bids that are above the budget, because often customers may have a budget in mind, but it’s not actually based on an educated knowledge of how much these types of projects cost.

6) Capabilities

Not all Audio Visual Companies are created equal. Some have different specialties and some don’t have the experience to handle larger projects. Make sure you research the companies you’re considering. Don’t just take their word for it. Read reviews, ask for references, and inspect their work.

7) Integrated Solutions

Often overlooked, it’s important to work with an Audio Visual company that has experience integrating technology. For example, if you’re getting a massive sound system installed, it’s important to have an electrician on staff that understands the power requirements, electrical code, etc.

Selecting the wrong Audio Visual company can be a costly mistake. By researching, interviewing, and evaluating your potential Audio Visual companies based on these seven criteria, you will end up making an educated decision.

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