How to Select a Structured Cabling Company

Structured cabling is a complex job so it’s not something you want to trust just any company to design and install.

A lot of companies say they do structured cabling, so how do you know which company is the correct one to choose?

1) BICSI Certification

If the people designing and installing your cabling are not BICSI certified, cross them off your list immediately. Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) need to pass an exam based on the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual put out by the BICSI. If they haven’t done this, you don’t want them handling your project.

2) Years of Experience

A company saying they do structured cabling on their website isn’t enough. You need to find out the experience level of the people working on your project. Not only that, you need to make sure that they have years of experience doing the exact type of project you’re hiring them to do. If a company is experienced in working on project type X and they do some structured cabling too — keep looking.

3) Planning to Accomplish a Goal

Structured cabling is all about starting with a goal and working towards it with a thoughtfully constructed plan. Without a planned design a structured cabling project will quickly become unmanageable and over-budget. Moreover, a good cabling plan has to be designed with the future in mind, so it’s not just about designing something that works for today.

4) Trust

Testimonials on a website are somewhat reassuring, but you can be sure that someone at the company hand-picked the best ones. A better gauge on if a company is worthy of your trust is reading all the reviews you can from various sources like Google, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, etc. Another way to feel like you can trust the company is by talking to their previous customers — and not just the ones that the company sends you. This will ensure you gather as many opinions as possible before making a decision. Another step worth considering is going to visit their jobs

5) Capabilities

Some companies say they do structured cabling, but their real specialty is something else entirely. It’s not an exaggeration to say if your structured cabling plan is not good, your building project could quickly be considered a failure. Structured cabling is not something that is easily redone, so it’s best to do it right the first time.

6) Solution Integration

Structured cabling is all about distributing information through the building to a variety of systems. It sure helps streamline things if the company who is doing the structured cabling is also the company that handles installation of the other systems like electrical, audio visual, security, fire alarm, fire protection, and phone.

Choosing the right structured cabling company is an extremely important decision, so make sure to thoroughly vet the company based on these six criteria.

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