How to Increase Security at Your Business

Did you know that small businesses are more than four times more likely to be broken into or burglarized than a private residence? They are often empty overnight, and COVID-19 has slowed foot traffic way down. Plus, they typically contain cash, electronics, and inventory, making them a target for criminals wanting to get some money quickly. However, you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your business, from purchasing your computers and equipment to building up an inventory, and you don’t want the work of thieves to undo it in 15 minutes.

While insurance does cover burglaries, it’s better to prevent a crime than try to recover from it, and to help you do that, we’re sharing some ways to help you keep your business more secure.


Increase Lighting Around Your Business

A dark building with shadows and minimal sight from the surrounding areas makes your business an easy target to those looking to break in. Adding LED lighting to the corners of the building or motion-activated flood lights will not only scare away thieves, it makes them and any vehicle license plate numbers more visible to witnesses and cameras.

The interior of the building should have security lights also, so any untoward activity is visible from the outside, through the windows.

Install IP Cameras Inside and Outside the Building

While closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras were the standard for video footage, they required a local video recording device and were easy to tamper with. Now that everything is connected to the internet, security cameras are no different. An internet protocol, or IP camera offers the same digital surveillance, only instead of requiring a local recording device, it’s connected to Wi-fi and streams to a local network, similarly to a webcam.

This technology is not only easy to maintain, it’s easy to set up with multiple wired cameras connected to one network video recorder through a CAT 5 structured cabling method. You can view your camera footage from your phone, tablet, or computer, watching either live or recorded footage. Plus, you can set a custom recording schedule easily.

Installing an Alarm System

Though a camera system lets you know what is going on in your business at any time, an alarm system lets burglars know that your building is protected. The right security system will alert you and local law enforcement that there is something going on in your building while the noise will scare away the burglars and protect your contents.

Additionally, an alarm system can also be used as a fire alarm system which will protect your building, contents, and most importantly, the people inside the building during operating hours.

Maintaining the Exterior of the Building

Alarms, cameras, and installing lights are big steps to keeping your business secure, but even simple steps like keeping the exterior of the building well landscaped and tidy can be a deterrent. First, landscaping and clearing away any debris or clutter provides a more open and visible space, making it easier for witnesses to spot any goings-on. Also, it shows that the building itself is better cared for and that people are coming and going from it, making it a higher risk as a target for crime.

Improve Security on Secondary Doors

Burglars are more likely to try and enter a building through a secondary window or door, rather than the main door which is typically in a more visible spot. Having a bar over the back door, security grate over skylights, and even bars or barriers in front of windows can prevent a burglar from entering that way.

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