For Fire Alarm and Fire Protection EMERGENCIES, You must CALL this emergency number: 919-256-3498

Raleigh Fire Protection System Testing, Maintenance, and Repair

All too often Fire Protection Systems are not routinely tested and maintained. We at Strategic Systems believe this is a huge mistake because these are crucial safety systems that need to work in an emergency. Since water pressure and pipe integrity are factors, it’s important to make sure you test and maintain these systems so small problems don’t become larger ones.

Raleigh 24/7 Fire Protection Service from Strategic Connections

Strategic Connections knows systems don’t break on schedule. When a pipe bursts at 4 AM you can’t fix it a couple weeks later. The good news is that Strategic Connections has a 24/7 Fire Protection Maintenance team that can address your emergency at any time.

Even if it isn’t an emergency situation, it’s best to keep your Fire Protection System properly maintained. A regular maintenance program will save money in the long run while also preventing a malfunction. Additionally, knowing that your Fire Protection System is properly maintained gives you peace of mind that your employees and property are protected.

Maintain your Raleigh Fire Protection System with Strategic Connections

Strategic Connections understands the value of regular maintenance programs across all of our departments, but fire protection system maintenance could be a matter of life or death. If you wish to make sure that your system has a maintenance team on standby 24/7, contact us today by phone at 800-255-5664 or by submitting the form below.