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Fire Protection System Testing, Maintenance, and Repair

One of the most important, but often overlooked, steps in keeping your company safe is making sure that your Fire Protection System is routinely tested and maintained. A fire protection system is only as good as the testing and maintenance done on it. If the system doesn’t work when it needs to, then in the end it is worthless. At Strategic Connection, we understand and believe in the saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” As such, we try to encourage our clients to make sure that we test, maintain and repair their systems. It’s better to catch and fix a problem than it is for that problem to remain undiscovered and unfixed until it becomes a critical flaw in your Fire Protection System.

24/7 Fire Protection Service from Strategic Connections

We understand that things don’t break on a schedule. It is impossible to plan for a broken sprinkler pipe at 3 AM, and you can’t put a busted pipe on the calendar 2 weeks from now. That’s why Strategic Connections has a 24/7 Fire Protection Maintenance team, that can respond to your malfunction before it becomes a danger to your employees or property.

Even if nothing breaks and becomes a service issue, it is always best to keep your system in good repair and well-maintained. Maintenance and early recognition of deficiencies increase the reliability of a fire protection system while decreasing overall cost in maintaining a system. These cost-savings can not only be redirected into making your business better, you can do it secure in the knowledge that your employees and business assets are safe and well-defended by your Fire Protection System

Maintain your Fire Protection System with Strategic Connections

Strategic Connections has been around long enough to understand the value of preventative maintenance. We are a company with many different departments, and maintenance is important in everyone. Fire Prevention, however, is the only one where maintaining your system could literally be a matter of life and death.

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