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Fire Protection Installation Services

At Strategic Connections, we understand how difficult it can be to deal with the various complexities of installing a fire protection system. Unlike electric wires or fiber-optic cable, you have to worry about pressure, leaks, and an entirely new element being introduced to your building concerns in the form of water. We also understand that it can be very difficult finding a company that understands all of the different processes involved in the installation of all of the separate systems that make a workspace a safe and efficient location. Fortunately, Strategic Connections is here for you. We have been in business as a cabling and Fire Protection company since 1998, and we have experience with numerous different aspects of the behind-the-scenes wiring and installation that is part and parcel of any successful business operation. These installation projects often require a delicate touch, as the pipes must be installed in such a way as to guarantee their function in the case of an emergency while simultaneously fitting them around existing Sound Masking, venting, BDA systems, or Structured Cabling systems. Many companies that install fire protection systems do not have the expertise with the other systems at play here, and therefore cannot guarantee that they understand the complicated systems at play in their installations. We at Strategic Connections are experts in these fields, and can therefore guarantee that we will understand the processes involved.

Fire Protection Installation Services

The Strategic Connections Difference

Due to our experiences in multiple different industries, Strategic Connections is uniquely positioned to be the best at fire protection installation. Our experiences with other parts of the business design process have taught us the best ways to integrate your Fire Protection system with the rest of the systems in your facility. We understand the need to be aesthetic without being ineffective, and we understand your desire to have the entire process be as quick and painless as possible. Therefore, we hire only the best and most experienced employees, who are each extensively trained on the most current safety regulations in today’s construction industry. We want to make sure that you get the best service possible for your fire protection installation.

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Strategic Connections understands that getting a major project like a Fire Protection System installed can be a large undertaking. You have to trust the company doing the installation to correctly place and connect a potentially life-saving device while not disturbing the rest of the systems present in your facility. On a more basic level, your fire protection installation company needs to understand basic architecture.

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Due to our experience with our many different service areas, Strategic Connections is uniquely positioned to provide you with top-quality fire protection installation while not disturbing the rest of the systems in your building. We provide fire protection installation services in RaleighWinston-SalemCharlotte, and Myrtle Beach. Call Strategic Connections at 800-255-5664 to get started today!