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Fire Alarm System Installation for your Raleigh Company

Strategic Connections has over 20 years of experience in fire alarm installation in Raleigh, including popular brands like Gamewell FCI, Silent Knight, and Fire Lite. Whether you have a new building that needs a fire alarm system put in or you need us to install a system in an existing or older building, we are there when you need us from start to finish, including:


Turnkey Fire Alarm Installation in Raleigh

The more contractors and subcontractors that are involved in a project, the more likely it is that there will be a mistake, and when it comes to a fire alarm installation, that is the last place you can afford a mistake or an error. Instead, we can offer turnkey services because we have so many specializations and services under one umbrella, including wiring, fire protection,  and fire alarm monitoring.

With multiple divisions working together to make sure your fire alarm system is installed correctly, we get the job done efficiently and correctly. Even better – our Fire Alarm Division Manager used to be a Standard Level 3 Electrical Code Enforcement Official, the highest level in North Carolina, so you can truly feel confident in our abilities.

Contact Strategic Connections for your Fire Alarm Installation in Raleigh

If you are in the market for a new or replacement fire alarm system, let Strategic Connections install it for you! We offer free consultations to determine whether your facility needs a system, what type and size you may need, and provide a quote for services. To learn more, call us today at 800-255-5664 or fill out the form below!

(Now Hiring Fire Alarm Installers and NICET Certified Fire Alarm Technicians)

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