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Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation

At Strategic Connections, we have been doing Fire Alarm System Installation, especially with the systems from Gamewell FCI, Silent Knight, and Fire Lite, for over 20 years. As such, we have the experience you need whether you are installing a brand-new system in a new building or replacing an old legacy system across an entire campus. Our technicians are all NICET certified including up to NICET level III and IV. Since our company has many different branches with many different areas of expertise, we are capable of doing your entire installation, including but not limited to:

We are able to do all of these things without recourse to outside contractors because of Strategic Connections’ wide range of service areas, including Audio/Visual, Security, Electric, and Fire Protection Systems, all key elements of a top-quality Fire Alarm System.


What Sets Strategic Connections Apart

Strategic Connections is in a unique position when it comes to the installation of Fire Alarm Systems. One of the main advantages that we give to our clients is that we are a turnkey installer and can install your entire system from start to finish. We can even connect your new, or old, fire alarm system to a new BDA system using a monitor module, supporting all public safety frequency bands. Our turnkey installation also eliminates the root causes of many problems that we encounter with Fire Alarm systems down the line, especially wiring issues and poor installation. These issues are often caused because many companies have to hire multiple sets of contractors to fulfill all the specific roles involved in a fire alarm system installation, and they often don’t understand the entire process necessary during the installation. We call this a “parts and smarts” installation, where the actual Fire Alarm System Installation company sells the parts to an electrician to install, and then offer consultation and final knowledge. In comparison, Strategic Connections holds an electrical license in the Unlimited Classification in North Carolina. Our Fire Alarm Division Manager is a former Standard Level 3 Electrical Code Enforcement Official, the highest level in North Carolina. We believe that our ability to see your project through from start to finish separates us from the rest of the pack when it comes to being a Fire Alarm System Installation Company.

Why Choose Strategic Connections

We at Strategic Connections pride ourselves on the quality of our service, be it in Fire Alarm System Installation or a different area of expertise. Our unique experience in many different areas means that we can work on your entire project without having to resort to outside multiple contractors, and you can be guaranteed of the absolute best quality of work from start to finish. If you are in the market for a new or replacement Fire Alarm System, let Strategic Connections install it for you! We can also do free estimates to let you know if your facility legally requires a system and how much that system might cost.

Contact Strategic Connections for your Fire Alarm Installation

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