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Fire Alarm System Inspections from Strategic Connections

Strategic Connections understands how much of a hassle it is to get your fire alarm system inspected. This can be doubly true on large campuses such as a business park, shopping center, military base or college university. The disruption of having to test every initiating device and notification device in your system can be a large impediment to getting work done. We also understand why fire alarm inspections are necessary from both a legal and Fire Code requirement. We employ NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certified and state-licensed inspection technicians who are not only able to perform the required inspections, but to also repair and correct any deficiencies that may exist in your fire alarm system.

fire alarm inspection

Legal and Safety Obligations

Many business owners that we encounter are not aware that fire alarm inspections are mandatory. They fire alarm inspections take place annually, and business owners are legally-required to file a report with the local jurisdiction as well as keeping a copy that is usually checked every three years by the local Fire Inspector. In addition to a legal requirement, a functional inspection of your Fire Alarm System can reap important safety results. If you get your Fire Alarm System inspected by Strategic Connections, you can be assured that your system has been tested thoroughly and properly inspected per the requirements of the Fire Code. Each and every detector (initiating device) and alarm (notification device) is inspected to make sure it functions, and the smoke detectors are also cleaned.

Strategic Connections is uniquely positioned to make sure that your fire alarm system inspection is done properly. We employ NICET certified technicians who are qualified and trained to determine whether your property is meeting the safety requirements of NFPA-72 and the state. If during your inspection a deficiency is discovered within your Fire Alarm System, we can also perform the required correction. In addition, we have a Fire Protection (Fire Sprinkler) System Department that can together guarantee that your property and personnel are protected.

Scheduling a Fire Alarm System Inspection

As business owners ourselves, we at Strategic Connections understand that you don’t want to constantly be worrying about your fire alarm system. You should have the confidence to know that it will work just in case the terrible happens. This is where Strategic Connections comes in. Our NFPA 72-compliant inspections will make sure you are meeting both legal and safety requirements. In addition, we can provide regular inspection agreements so you won’t have to worry about future scheduling for your inspections.

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