Thermal Image Capture

Testing electronics for failures is often like searching for a needle in a haystack. In more complex wiring and circuitry systems utilizing thousands or tens of thousands of wires and circuit boards, finding the one point that is causing inefficiency or outright failure in the system can be an uphill battle for even the most experienced electrician. At Strategic Connections we use a hi-tech FLIR infrared camera, the Fluke TI-400, to determine if your electric panels are overloaded by capturing thermal images of hot spots that may exist.

Early Detection

If a panel blows and an entire building loses power, everyone is going home.  The loss of production and the cost in dollars can be staggering.  Strategic Connections can perform infrared testing and document any potential issues before you lose power.  As human vision is limited to a relatively small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, utilizing FLIR imagers enables our electricians to spot problems that they would not otherwise be able to see. In fact, it allows our electricians to spot problems that would be nearly undetectable otherwise, as these problems are not seen by other measuring tools such as voltmeters to accurately pinpoint. This is where our FLIR imagers come in. Our electricians can spot problems in a non-destructive way by photographing the current running through an electrical systems and identify from the heat images any hot spots that could be a serious problem. From here, our electricians can recommend the best next steps, whether they be a full replacement or merely repair of the affected part. Some of the advantages of thermal imaging include:

  • Detect temperature without a hyper-accurate thermometer or touch
  • No illumination required
  • Detect maintenance deficiencies and risks

Due to these advantages, Strategic Connections recommends that our clients utilize our electricians’ skills with FLIR imagers such as the Fluke TI-400 SCI to check your electronics for problems, short circuits, and inefficiencies.


Detailed Thermal Imaging Reports

Thermal imaging is not only a test that can be performed to evaluate the load of your electronic systems. Strategic Connections can help facility owners and property management companies determine in advance of purchasing a property if there are any issues that the naked eye cannot see. These issues could include low-quality wiring that would need replacement, short circuits, broken circuit boards, and many other issues with the electrical installations on the property. In these cases, having Strategic Connections’ qualified electricians who are trained on the Fluke infrared camera inspect the property before purchase can save you a significant amount of money by use of FLIR imaging.

Thermal Imaging Reports

Contact Strategic Connections for Thermal Imaging

In business as in many other walks of life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Having your electronics inspected by one of our thermal imaging electricians can spot troublesome errors before they become either production inefficiencies or safety hazards. Never again be baffled by a hidden short circuit or a particular overheated cable, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your electronics are functioning optimally.

Strategic Connections also does structured cabling, fire protection, Audio/Visual systems, and telephony. These are important because often the subsidiary systems around the cables can cause problems that electricians cannot solve on their own. Strategic Connections has decades of experience in multiple fields related to wiring and can give you a one-stop contractor for all your structured cabling and safety needs. We provide thermal imaging electronics in RaleighWinston-SalemCharlotte, and Myrtle Beach. If you believe you have a problem that can be addressed by thermal imaging, request a free quote today by calling 800-255-5664 or filling out the form below.