Signage Solutions from Strategic Connections

Here at Strategic Connections we understand the importance of a well-lit sign. Your sign is your brand and your brand is the face of your business. Oftentimes, your sign is the first physical impression people get of your business, and most make a decision whether to do business with your brand based off of that first impression.

Why LED Signage instead of Fluorescent?

Until LED technology came along, many small business signs used fluorescent lights. Due to the heat produced by the high amount of fluorescents, this led to hot spots and uneven lighting due to the color temperature the fluorescents were exuding. Similarly, what also kept happening was that the lights were being placed too far apart, leading to a sign that was uneven and too dim to read.

Neon light signs, which first came around in the 1920’s, have been increasingly being looked over for more efficient LED options. The reasons why are the problems that come with neon lighting fixtures. For instance, signs tend to flicker or go out, while at other times one end of the neon section will be lit while the other end is dim. LED lights are also increasingly efficient without the flickering and difficult maintenance of fluorescent signs.

When it comes to businesses signs, digital displays, or scoreboards a constant and reliable power supply is a must have. At Strategic Connections we are determined and able to be that reliable source of energy. Something as public and open as a sign or scoreboard should always be well lit and represent the brand or event as intended.

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If you need a reliable power source then look no further than Strategic Connections. Our company expertise and experienced professionals will make sure that your electrical signage needs are met and held up to high standards, and that your company signage is brighter and more eye-catching than that of your competitors. If you are in the market for new signage or a new scoreboard for your business in RaleighCharlotteWinston-Salem, and Myrtle Beach, request a free quote today by calling 800-255-5664 or filling out the form below.