Power & Electrical in Raleigh

Strategic Connections employs licensed and insured electricians that have experience with designing and wiring large commercial power systems. They’re not your average electricians though. Since Strategic Connections is often installing the cabling for a data center or installing the sound system in a stadium, our electricians need to be well-versed in the challenges of delivering power to these types of complicated systems. Our electricians work together with the rest of our team to make sure everything is working together as it should.

Our electrical services include installation, surge suppression, transformers, and pathways.


Electrical Installations in Raleigh

Our electricians specialize in the larger, more complicated commercial projects, but we do more basic fit-ups as well. As a result of our vast experience, there is not a situation our electricians have not seen before. Our electricians have installed lighting in offices, installed the wiring for data centers, and even small to medium sized office fit-ups.

Our experienced electricians have what it takes to successfully tackle your job, no matter how complicated it is. Since Strategic Connections also specializes in structured cabling, audio-visual, and fire alarm services so you can rest assured that your systems will be integrated properly. Plus, this unique combination of services at one location means that you won’t have to search for multiple contractors.

Surge Suppression in Raleigh

We understand that power systems need to be able to take a surge and keep on going. A poorly designed electrical system can easily be damaged without proper surge suppression — which can be very costly to repair.

Strategic Connections gives you the option to install low-voltage suppression or whole-building suppression. Whatever your budget or protection needs are, we can design the system to accommodate.


Power systems need transformers matched up to the voltage. Our new transformers can match up to any system we work on. Our electricians will determine the best transform for your system, and then they will install and maintain it.

Old transformers need to be upgraded as well as they can be fire hazards. Our electricians can quickly replace transformers to minimize downtime.

Also, we install the unique Harmonics Mitigating Transformers created by Harmonics Limited. They are unique because they minimize the frequency variations on the AC wave to protect the life of your electronics.


Our experienced electricians can install pathways systems in anything from cubicle furniture to computer IT systems to signage.

Let Strategic Connections handle all your electrical needs. We can handle new wiring or upgrading existing power and electrical systems in the Raleigh area. We also provide power system installation services in CharlotteWinston-Salem, and Myrtle Beach. Let’s talk about your needs. Request a quote today by calling us at 800-255-5664 or filling out the form below.