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At Strategic Connections, we believe in only delivering the best possible service to our clients. As such, our electrical department is a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor that specializes in power supply for Information Transport Systems. Since we offer connection services such as Structured Cabling and Audio/Visual, we can be a single-point-of-contact that can provide all of the required services to our clients while also providing the peace of mind of having a single familiar, qualified, conscientious service provider. In all of our projects, our focus is fast, efficient service while ensuring all the needs of our clients are met and exceeded. While our electricians are capable of completing any commercial electrical project, we tend to specialize in work within sensitive environments, designing systems around the parameters specified by the end users. This means that our electricians are qualified for the most complicated electrical projects, and will be qualified and capable of taking on your electrical wiring project. We offer a number of services to fit most commercial electrical needs, including Electrical Installations, Surge Suppression, Transformers, and Pathways.

Electrical Systems

Electrical Installations

Our electrical installation team has completed many projects over the years, from basic fit-ups to larger and more complicated industrial installations. This means that, regardless of your situation, our electrical installation experts have probably seen a similar situation before, and will be able to give you high-quality advice and service based on that experience. From the smallest warehouse wiring project to the largest industrial installation project, we have you covered. Our team has done installations with office lighting, electrical equipment service needs, data center requirements, and other simpler requirements. (Small to medium commercial tenant fit-ups.

Due to this plethora of experience, our electrical installations specialists can be guaranteed to have the experience and knowledge to complete your project to the highest standards, whether it be big or small. Even better, our company contains many other departments so we can become your one-stop shop for not only electrical installations, but also audio-visual, structured cabling, and fire alarm services. This simplifies your contractor search and means that you can move forward with confidence.

Surge Suppression

Strategic Connections understands that your electrical power systems are only as good as their worst moment. Depending on where your business is located, that worst moment can often be an electrical surge blowing out all of your electrical systems. We understand that this can not only be incredibly costly in terms of lost work time, but it can also necessitate the replacement of numerous components in your electrical system. With the correct surge suppression systems installed, Strategic Connections can help you significantly mitigate the risk of losing power or electrical appliances during a power surge.

We offer multiple different levels of surge protection, ranging from low-voltage solutions meant to protect network appliance, surveillance cameras, and other small devices, to larger surge suppression systems that offer whole-building protection. This means that we can custom-tailor a solution to meet your exact needs while not being prohibitively expensive for the particular situation.


Strategic Connections’ power systems are not complete without efficient transformers matched to your specific voltage requirements. We have a range of new transformers to fit any of your power system needs, from small appliances to large industrial concerns. Our experienced electricians will be able to help you decide which transformer best fits your needs and how to best install and maintain it.

While new transformers are obviously important, it is just as important that you replace your old transformers. Old, burnt-out transformers are not only inefficient and wasteful of your energy, but they can also be fire hazards, to the point where many larger transformers have to be installed in their own fire-proof rooms. Strategic Connections’ electricians are experts at quick and efficient transformer replacements and will do their best to get your business back to full power in the shortest and safest time possible.

Finally, we offer Harmonics Mitigating Transformers from Harmonics Limited. These transformers serve a unique purpose. In many electrical systems, there are variations on the frequency of the AC wave. These frequency variations are called harmonics and can be highly damaging to your electronics. Studies have shown that unchecked harmonic variations can shorten the lifespan of equipment, directly costing you money and possibly putting your safety at risk. If you notice flickering lights, cables or motors running hot, or electronic devices tripping of their own accord often, you may have harmonics in your power system. The main solution is to buy a transformer that mitigates harmonics, and we believe that Harmonics Limited offers the best options on the market.


At Strategic Connections, we like to think of pathways like the arteries of the body. Without them, the electricity that keeps your business alive wouldn’t be able to get where it needed to go. Our power systems electricians understand the absolute necessity of your pathways and have experience in multiple different venues. Strategic Connections has installed pathway systems for cubicle furniture, industrial settings, campus IT Systems, and exterior and interior signage. This means that we have the breadth of experience necessary to overcome any challenges that we discover in the pursuit of perfection in your power system pathway organization.

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If you need top-quality power system installation, look no further than Strategic Connections. Our experience in multiple areas of power systems means that regardless of whether you’re installing a brand-new system or upgrading an old one, our electricians will be able to solve your problems and make sure that your system is the best. We provide power system installation services in RaleighCharlotteWinston-Salem, and Myrtle Beach. For a quote please feel free to contact us today by calling 800-255-5664 or filling out the form below.