Exterior and Interior LED Lights

Sufficient lighting can accentuate the exterior and landscape of any business. A well-lit building communicates professionalism. It says that the owners of the building hold their business to a high standard and work hard to maintain that level of quality. LED lighting works in a manner that brings high visibility to your business. The more visible your business, the added security your building has and the more noticeable you are to those passing by.

Two of the many advantages that commercial LED lighting systems have are long lifespans and are very durable. Unlike standard lighting, LEDs do not burn out after a short period of time. Instead, they gradually exude lower output levels. In addition, LED lights have low energy consumption, which then leads to savings overall. In addition, cold temperatures can often time pose a problem when it comes to fluorescent lighting. LEDs, on the other hand, are able to keep up optimal operation under low outdoor temperatures.

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Within businesses, interior lights tend to stay on longer and have more demands thrust upon them. Since lights within a business setting are so pertinent to the everyday life of the office, they are much more noticeable when damaged. Flickering lights within a building can be troublesome and obnoxious, while the ultraviolet hue that many lights radiate can leave a weird complexion along your office walls. LED gives off zero ultraviolet radiation and no flickering, guaranteeing a more hassle-free interior space.

The most effective way of illuminating a given space, whether interior or exterior is with the use of LED lights. When compared to traditional lighting setups, LEDs have an efficiency of 80 to 90 percent. This means that 80 to 90 percent of the energy that LEDs use is converted to light energy while the rest is converted to heat energy.

Furthermore, LED lights are flexible in the sense that they can be arranged into any position that produces highly efficient illumination. LEDs also allow for a dynamic level of control allowing for dimming and distribution. These lighting systems are made to be able to focus light that can be directed to specific locations without the need for external factors.

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Here at Strategic Connections, we understand how important a reliable lighting system is for your business. Inefficient lighting can disrupt a work environment and be a hindrance to any business. That’s why we believe that LED lighting is a cut above the standard lighting systems. Whether it’s interior or exterior illumination, LED has proven itself as a constant source of reliable and low-hassle lighting. If you are looking to upgrade your lighting systems in RaleighCharlotteWinston-Salem, or Myrtle Beach, request a free quote today by calling 800-255-5664 or filling out the form below.