Strategic Connections offers top-quality Commercial Audio-Visual systems in Raleigh, including lighting, presentation, digital display, acoustical, and design services. Our products can be installed in such varied venues as stadiums, businesses, arenas, auditoriums, schools, churches, theaters, and other facilities. We also pride ourselves on our evaluation of currently installed systems. These evaluations, conducted objectively by our audio-visual experts in Raleigh can provide you with the preliminary budget estimates for any project you would wish to undertake. As Strategic Connections also offers other services such as Structured Cabling, Fire Alarm, Fire Protection, Electrical, and Telephone services, we can fulfill all the needs of a growing office or a new office construction site without the hassle of dozens of independent contractors

Commercial Audio-Visual Services in Raleigh

Strategic Connections partners with the best providers of Audio-Visual equipment in the Raleigh area to make sure that the parts we install and the services we provide are second to none. Some of the services we can provide to your project include:

  • Audio-visual Consultation
  • Equipment Installation
  • Servicing and Enhancing of Equipment
  • Sound and Lighting Design Service
  • Computer aided design
  • Feasibility studies and budgetary costing
  • Design consultation
  • Independent evaluation of third party proposals
  • Safety consultation, inspections and reports
  • Acoustic design and Noise measurement
  • Project management and Planning
  • PA Systems (of all sizes)
  • LCD Screens, LED Screens, Plasma Screens, Projectors, and Projection Screens
  • Audio equipment from Microphones to advanced DSPs
  • Audio-Visual Instruments in Raleigh
  • Instrument amplification
  • Interactive white boards
  • Touch Screens
  • DVD/CD Printers and Burners

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If you are in need of commercial audio-visual services in Raleigh or the surrounding areas, Strategic Connections has the products and expertise to turn your aspirations into reality. Our experts understand that each facility and business has its own unique circumstances that mandate different applications of technology. If you believe that your Raleigh audio-visual needs could be best served by contacting the local experts, get in touch with Strategic Connections either via phone at 800-255-5664 or by filling out the form below.