Strategic Connections’ Data Center Service

At Strategic Connections, we pride ourselves on our excellent Data Center service. We started out as a structured cabling company and have almost 20 years of experience with Category-5e and category 6 UTP and fiber optic cabling. Data center cabling is a very unique and intense process, as it usually involves tens of thousands of individual connections, all needing organized and well laid out cabling running between them. We at Strategic Connections can offer you the best service possible for this complicated cabling task, as we offer some of the most meticulous service in the industry.

Data center structured cabling

Expert Data Center Structured Cabling

Strategic Connections understands how meticulous you expect your Data Center Structured Cabling provider to be. We understand that every different data center layout is unique and requires its own design and organization, but we also understand that every single design must have certain key elements, such as security, climate control, and of course, structured cabling. At Strategic Connections, we offer solutions for all of your Data Center challenges.
When it comes to Structured Cabling for Data Centers, we understand that having detail-oriented workmanship is required for success. With every server isle having 100 to 1,000 cables, and your data center having hundreds of isles, cable numbers can quickly stretch into the tens if not hundreds of thousands. Having an organized crew that is trained to secure, test, and label all your wires in such a way as to maximize organization can be the difference between a well-run and optimized data center and one that collapses under its own metaphorical weight of disorganization.

example of data center structured cabling

Your Data Center Project

Having worked with them for many years, we at Strategic Connections understand how to do your Data Center Structured Cabling project correctly. We will first go in and conduct and inspection with you to determine what will be necessary, and how to best design or reorganize your Data Center. We will start getting together our organizational know-how and will present you with a plan of action. Our plan will include organization of raceways, labeling of cables, and overall design flow. Our experts in structured cabling management will guarantee that you receive the optimal cable organization for the size of your data center. We are prepared and able to deal with raised floor or overhead design systems, and the differences in wiring design that they may cause.


Contact Strategic Connections for your Data Center needs

If you are considering constructing a new data center, or merely upgrading your old one, contact Strategic Connections now. Our licensed Data Center cabling workers will be able to complete your project with the care and attention it deserves, and if you have any other relevant needs such as Fire Alarms and Campus Cabling. If you have a project that you want to be done to the highest of standards, contact us today by phone at 800-255-5664 or by filling out the form below!